There is a very special heart beating on the earth today. It is the heart of the very last person that God has called from Eternity Past, before the foundations of the Earth were made, to believe in His Son Jesus.

When that person in FAITH calls on the Name of Jesus to save them, all TRUE believers on Earth will be taken home simultaneously to be with the Lord in Heaven. This happens at the RAPTURE of the Living Stones that make up the Church of Jesus.

Every morning when I come humbly to meet with God and wait in prayer on HIM, I am reminded that Gods mercies are new every day. He still stands before us with open arms. He still whispers our name as we walk by HIM, ignoring Him. He continues to follow us patiently waiting for the moment we will turn our eyes and mind and heart towards HIM.

There is no one on Earth that loves you like He does…  He Loves you with all your faults…  and still holds out the hand of friendship to you. Can you not understand how awesome it is that the GOD of the Universe wants you to know who HE IS?

It/s Amazing. It is AMAZING GRACE.

So, this morning and every morning there is still joy in my heart as I start the day. But soon The SON will shine permanently every day and the shadows will be no more and the City of God will be joined to Earth, and Earth and Heaven will become ONE as God intended from the beginning and God will again walk together with His people in the cool of the day in the Garden.

This time, unlike the original beginning, there will be no one around to darken the light of Eternity. The darkness and the shadows have had their day and will be no more.

Both evil and good will go to their respective places never to meet again for all of eternity. And GOD will say of His New Creation, both of the Earth and of YOU…  It is Good… It is Very Good.

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