I try to meet with God every morning. I come before Him quietly because He says, “Be Still and Know that I AM God.” I come to listen, not for an audible voice but for a thought, a gentle moving of my heart about a topic. So, I wait, with God’s Living, Inerrant Word next to me and for the Holy Spirit to move me.

I have a list of many thoughts that I have written down. Thought’s that need research and development to become a written a message.

However, sometimes I am inspired to write by simple daily happenings in my life. I am getting better at understanding who God is and the pattern He has set up for our lives. That pattern or theme is called “Remembrance”.

We are a people called to remember Him and each other.

When you think it through God is the ultimate Story teller. The difference in His stories is that they are actual events in History, not a story of fiction like a novel.

His stories are meant for edification. To help us learn lessons from other people’s lives, so we can benefit from their joy and sorrow…so we can continue living our lives becoming more and more like Jesus.

Once we come to know Jesus as Lord, God has promised to complete the work that ultimately will re-make us in His Image. Making us perfect, righteous and Holy…fitted for Heaven and Eternity.

We will finally become the person God intended from before the foundations of the world……. God’s ultimate triumph!

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