Prayer Is simply talking to God. He speaks to us…we listen. We speak to Him…He listens. Its a two-way process……..Speaking and Listening.

Our faith is not based on legends, fairy tales or myths.
Nor is our faith in Christ a religion; it is a RELATIONSHIP, based on the privileges of adoption into a family of faith. Unlike all religions, only Christianity (Old and New Testament) can be defended logically thru History, Archeology and Science as a testimony to your mind.

And no other holy book from any of the world’s religions uses Gods Pre-Written History called Prophecy, as a testimony to your heart that the Bible is the Inerrant Word of the True and Living God.

God asks you to press Him hard with fervent persistent prayer when you bring your desires before Him. BUT, we need to remember that Gods answer to our prayers can be yes or no and that His silence can mean either. He will answer you at the right time and in His way. He alone is Sovereign, and He will answer you according to HIS WILL, not yours.

I suggest to you that you begin searching the Scriptures to understand what His will is for you. You will find to your surprise that His Will for you fits perfectly into the reason He lets you take another breath and live another day.

His Will is for you is to Understand the Times and the Season you are living in. And that JESUS is Coming Very Soon. So, you NOW should be Motivated to share the GOSPEL with everyone you Love Dearly. What is the Loudest Sound that will come down to Earth from Heaven, but heard ONLY by the FEW and not the Many?

Soon the Trumpet Will Sound and You will be gone. But who will you be leaving behind to experience the Wrath of the Lamb? Your Joy will be that you will forget them forever, Because Jesus will wipe away all your tears. Their Pain will be that they will Remember you forever, crying out in the dark ….Why didn’t you TELL ME?

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