Are you keeping the Good News to yourself,
the miracle of your changed heart?

God has filled my heart with dreams of passion, compassion and a desire to walk in the Truth what about you?

May your Faith give you Courage to do great things, to be bold and touch someone’s life for Eternity.

I serve the God of Ancient Promises that are still coming true today.

The Prophet Isaiah said, “to us a SON is given.”
See for yourself.

In the manger He is there.

The Apostle Luke said, “this same Jesus will come again in the clouds.”
See for yourself.

In the tomb He is gone.

I lift up my voice to the Heavens with Praise
to the all wise God of Israel and HIS ONE TRUE Church.
The Almighty, the Ancient of Days,
the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

To the Father, the One who sent
To the Son, the One who came
And to the Holy Spirit, the one who stays and now lives in me.

In HIM I found me

Amen and Amen,


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