The Coming Rapture

Hush…be still…and listen. Did you hear it? Listen again carefully; there it is…just a few notes …trumpet sounds. Yes, it’s the Angel Gabriel practicing the notes of the trumpet call that will precede our going home to be with the Lord.

It’s unsettling to think that this trumpet blast will be the loudest ever known to mankind yet heard by so very few all over the world. Before you can hear the sound you first have to see with the eyes of faith and then prepare your heart to hear it.

Jesus said, “My Sheep Know MY Voice…Jesus said Faith in Him is the only way home. Believe in me He says and I will give you a personal ticket so you can finally go home to be with Me when you hear that trumpet call.

Think of Faith as your 6th sense. It remains dormant within us until the Holy Spirit ignites it when we Repent of our sins and become Believers in the Death, Burial, Resurrection, Ascension and 2nd Coming of JESUS, the Christ … the Messiah…. the Son of God.

How awesome to put your trust and FAITH in the word of God and in the New Beginning, the New Earth, the New Universe, and the New YOU that IS PROMISED TO ALL BELIEVERS in the Son of God, who is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah!

If you look at the Old Testament Messianic Prophecies closely you can see HIS footsteps in the sands of time. And if you listen carefully with your heart, you will hear HIS footsteps even now, as HE approaches.

SOON…. VERY SOON… you will be able to reach out and touch HIS hand. God has said… “I AM GOD and there is NO Other”.

HE knows I am but dust; yet HE gave me a new heart that now beats with Royal Blood. I can never thank HIM…but I can Worship HIM with all my being and share the only Good News in the entire UNIVERSE.

“JESUS is Coming Back for HIS OWN”

Amen and Amen

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