God’s voice flows throughout the Old Testament and New Testament.

His Voice spoke:
• the Universe and Time into existence.
• to Moses from a burning bush.
• at Mt. Sinai to the nation of Israel out of Clouds, Fire and Thunder.
• to Ezekiel out of a gentle wind.
• saying Be Still to a raging storm and the sea stood still.
• to Lazarus, a dead man who came back to life after 4 days of death.
• and cried and wept and sobbed over Jerusalem.
• whispering from His Cross… “Father forgive them.”
• ROARING from His Cross… “It IS FINISHED”.

If you follow the creation account in the book of Genesis you will notice that God’s Voice spoke into existence everything by saying “Let there be …
Yet when He came to man, God said…Let US make man in OUR image; MAKING THE TRINITY CLEAR TO ALL WHO SEEK HIS VOICE THROUGHOUT HISTORY.

Today GOD’s SON Whispers your name. He waits patiently to be wanted. His heart yearns to beat as one with yours. If you shut out the world around you; and BE STILL….YOU WILL Hear His Voice.


The Messiah of ALL Nations…

I found me.

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