WWJD, What Would Jesus DO?  OR  WJD, What JESUS DID !

Many Believers I have spoken to through the years believe they are Righteous. Most of them feel that they are called to Focus on the Love of Jesus when they witness to people. I would like to remind you that GOD says we are but Dust. I would ask you to read all of Job Ch. 38 – 40. You and I are not Righteous. We are not made Perfect in these bodies of flesh we live in on Earth. You and I are Sinners Saved by GODs Grace through the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT. Yet we still sin, even with the Holy Spirit living within us. We have a daily Battle between our flesh and our Spirit to contend with while living here on Earth.

JESUS showed HIS LOVE FOR US when HE DIED ON THE CROSS. John 3:16 “For God so LOVED the World that HE GAVE HIS One and Only SON, that Whoever BELIEVES in HIM shall Not Perish, but have ETERNAL LIFE.” JESUS does not love us for our actions, decisions and life lived here on earth. Jesus preached 3 times more on JUDGMENT than on LOVE. When you witness, you MUST give the person BOTH SIDES of the EQUATION of SALVATION.


Instead of basing your actions on What YOU Think JESUS Would DO go back to your Bible and READ WHAT JESUS DID. Then use examples of Scripture to witness with rather than your words.

The Word of GOD has Power to SAVE……not your words based on your thoughts, your emotions, or your actions. Then remember that “This IS NOT Your Best Life” here on Earth. That you are an Alien Here, whose Citizenship is in HEAVEN and that your ETERNAL LIFE to be Lived out FOREVER in HEAVEN and the NEW UNIVERSE…..WILL BE YOUR BEST LIFE.

Tell your friend that JESUS is NOT COMING BACK IN LOVE the 2ND TIME. HE is coming back ONLY in JUDGMENT for ALL Those Fallen Human EARTH DWELLERS that have not gotten on their Knees in the DUST Before HIS CROSS……Crying Out to JESUS saying……..SAVE ME ! WITNESS to those YOU LOVE, before it’s Too LATE and they become the………..FORGOTTEN.

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