Many people peer back through the darkened pages of history and see a rather obscure picture of Jesus. They have heard of His 2,000-year-old claim that He was God, but they don’t quite believe it.

They find it hard to accept the idea that a small – town Jewish carpenter could have been the creator of the world. They prefer to believe other, less sensational theories about Him. Here are some of those beliefs.

Jesus is a man who achieved great things… this view is held by the Mormon Church. They teach that Jesus was a pre-existent spirit—but they believe that about everyone.

Jesus is a created being who was given the status of second-in- command…this view is held by Jehovah’s Witnesses. They teach that Jesus is a created individual who is the second greatest personage of the universe. He is a god, but not the Almighty God.

Jesus is a man no better than we are… this view is held by the Unification Church. They teach that Jesus’ value is no greater than that of any other man.

Jesus’ existence began at His conception… this view is held by the Way International. They teach that God created Jesus’ soul life in Mary at His birth.

Jesus is a prophet and messenger of God… this view is held by Islam. They teach that Jesus was only a messenger of Allah.

Jesus is less than most people think He is… this view is held by the Atheist. Most Atheists’ place Buddha or Socrates on a higher plane than Jesus.

Jesus is a great moral teacher… this view is held by the Unitarian Church. They teach that Christ was sent to earth as a great moral teacher rather than as a mediator.

Jesus is a mystic medium… this view is held by New Agers. They teach Jesus is a channeler; One of many ancients who give New Age adherents a glimpse at the past.

Jesus is a projection of our needs… this is the view of today’s psychologist’s and psychiatrist’s. Jesus is a culture hero who regardless of His historical existence, embodies the myth of the divine man.

One thing is for sure. Somebody is wrong! These people can’t all be right about Jesus. He cannot be exactly who all these people say He is. Many who think they know, don’t know. If He is only a prophet or a medium, then those who insist He is God are wrong.

If on the other hand He is God, then those who insist that He is only an exceptional man are wrong. Some might wish to have it both ways. In science and investigative journalism, we pursue truth passionately. Why should it be any different in this important realm?

You will ONLY find the REAL JESUS Hidden in the Old Testament Messianic Prophecies and Revealed by HIS own words in the Jewish New Testament.

Both books make up ONE HOLY BIBLE. It is the Greatest Story Ever Told. It is not just History…but HIS-Story…the Story of the SON OF GOD. Written and given to the Prophets in the Old Testament and then lived out by JESUS in the New Testament.

Jesus, who came to Earth in Love to Die on the Cross for your sins. He was buried then Rose from the Dead 3 days later. Then continued doing miracles among 500 witnesses. Then Jesus Ascended back to Heaven; until the times of the Gentiles is over, when He will come back for His own in the Rapture. We will go up to Heaven to be with HIM.

Then Jesus will bring us with Him back to earth. But this time He comes back with NO LOVE, only Fire in His Eyes to destroy Evil Fallen Men and Women.

Your time to understand the True Identity of Jesus is running out. You live at the Dawn of Eternity. Soon, very soon now Time will no longer exist. But you will continue to Exist for Eternity. The only question is where you will live for Eternity.

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