The Importance of Prayer

God holds eternity in His hands. This life is not about us…but about HIM! In God alone reside Love, Mercy and Grace…and True Pity and Compassion for us because He knows we are but dust.

Gods pity and compassion for us was embodied in His Son. In Eden Adam lived for himself and lost life with God for all of his descendants. From that day forward the sins of mankind would begin filling a cup. A cup that the second Adam, Jesus, would drink in full, taking the worlds sins upon Himself on the Cross satisfying the wrath of His Father towards us; opening by faith a way for us to regain paradise lost and have life with God.

Remember this remarkable Fact, not even Jesus, the Lord of the universe, could skirt the necessity of prayer to ready Himself for the grueling responsibility of the Cross. The Cross that Jesus chose voluntarily because He loved you and I before the foundations of the world were made.

God always waits to hear from His children. His hand is always extended towards you, for you to reach up and hold as He walks with you through the storms of life.

There is no me, only Him. I have no will except to do His will only. I trust not in myself but in His Love and care for me…I receive all things from His hand and am glad and rejoice in His Mercy.

I am precious in His sight as are all His children who respond to the call of His Son Jesus to “come, follow me”.

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