My Need to Serve:

The beginning of my journey as a believer was filled with a fire and passion for the Word of God I had never experienced before. I became a repository of information, a sponge soaked with His precious blood.

Then came a long time in the desert. I felt I knew everything about Jesus, that I had plumbed the depths of the Bible. I became an arrogant Christian, judgmental Christian…rigid in my views…I became like the Pharisees devoid of and incapable of Mercy, Grace and the ability to Love the Lost.

Situations arose in my life that broke me, humbled me to the point that I cried out to the Lord begging him for the ability to look at everyone around me as He did. Understanding that they were lost and destined to live forever in hell. I asked for compassion and understanding…I wanted to cry His tears for the lost people all around me.

Then I asked for the opportunities to serve Him among His people, to put me in the forefront of where the battle was the hottest. He gave me what I wanted. He gave me a way to reach out and touch one person at a time for Him through my website Crosses Everywhere.

I now had a format to squeeze every bit of knowledge and understanding that I have within me about HIM and how He has touched my life with His hand…and pass it on to others …to share with others…who will continue to share with others.

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