My Earthly Father

During my fathers first heart attack he had an out of body experience. He was floating above his body watching it being worked on by the EMS crew. When I was able to see him in the hospital he had already related his experience to the family.

All of them told him he was dreaming. This upset him greatly. To him it was real and he was a man of great integrity and conscience. I told him I believed him. Of course now I know out of body experiences are not true. The Bible says “absent from the body, present with the Lord.”

His second heart attack came a few months later. This time he spoke to me only. He left his body again. He began moving away but a voice called him by name “Armin its not your time…go back.”

That statement gave me chills.

My father always told me that if I gave to charities, did good works and kept the commandments as best I could, I would go to heaven. He said a good Jew died calmly and in peace.

I got the call from the hospital in the late evening. My father had his 3rd heart attach and was at the hospital. If I wanted to see him alive I needed to come now!

I burst upon the hospital floor asking the nurse where my father was. She told me the room number and I began to run with two nurses and a doctor chasing me yelling for me to stop. When I got to the room it was dark inside with the door half open.

My father was dead at the time they had called me. No one had settled his body down.

He was leaning forward looking at the ceiling with one hand hiding his face and the other up higher as if protecting himself from something. His eyes were filled with horror. He didn’t die peacefully and he did not go to heaven. What I saw in his face scared me to death.

This was a good, religious and kind man who loved God, yet he met the Judge…. not the Savior. I was alone with a God I did not know but wanted desperately to meet.

The last time I saw my father alive he was crying. I said what is wrong. He said he felt pain in his heart that he was leaving me alone in the world. He said he loved me deeply.

I had no words to comfort him other than to say I love him and its ok.

I had lived my whole life in the shadow of his two dead children that died in the Holocaust. It was sad to me, that it took his death for me to understand that he loved me.

God in his mercy to me sparked the flame of eternal life in my mind and heart after my father’s death. It took his death to place my feet onto the narrow road to life in Christ.

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