Water has played a great part in the Greatest Story Ever Told. God made water to not only contain life, such as in the living seas and lakes and streams of the world.

But water was also created to support life as when God had Noah built the Ark. The Ark that carried animal life and the very seed of Humanity; 8 people out of multiple millions of people, through a time of Judgment.

I often think that the oceans were made up of Gods Tears collected through the pre-flood history of mankind.

A time when the oceans did not exist, but the tears of mankind did exist. The world was Evil and tears that were older than the Rain flowed continuously from the blind eyes of people with hearts made of stone and deaf ears.

Water also represents the Life of Jesus, for HE was and is and will be forever the Living Water of Life that alone quenches the thirst of His Fathers Children that will be presented to Him as a love gift.

When Jesus cried over Jerusalem His tears were HOLY WATER shed not only for His Jewish people who missed His First Coming, but also for the rest of the world that continues to miss His First Coming…and are clueless as to His Second Coming.

Jesus Wept is not only the shortest verse in Scripture, but it is the greatest insight into the heart of God. We have a God who weeps as His Creation groans and people continually remain deaf to the words He whispers to each heart saying, “today is the day of Salvation”.

Like Jesus my eyes continue to weep for the lost all around me as I continue everyday to find ways to share the Gospel.

You see in a way I have joined in the tears of water that God and His Son continue to shed for mankind. And as my tears fall into the water they too create ever expanding circles of love rippling out to the people around me, closest to me that I have relationships with; that I then share my God story with that God has promised to honor if I but open my mouth.

I am finding more opportunities to touch those around me, because when you join your tears with the tears of God and His Son Jesus, opportunities come. Then the Lord creates God Moments as He knits you together with someone else in the Tapestry of Life that only He can create.

May your compassion for the lost be like a river of life flowing out in all directions, touching the minds and hearts of everyone for miles around…while Gods eyes still shed tears.

JESUS is on His way…. time is short for those we love that do not know HIM for His Eyes come filled with Fire this time…. not water.

May God grant you courage, no matter how old you are to share your story of coming to Faith in Jesus. So Good Seed will continue to be planted into the hearts of the REMNANT that God continues to purify so that some may be saved.

Blessings to all, who Seek the Lord in Truth.


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