Parents Pain


Precious Little ones taken from their womb. Our daughters and sons we will never know on earth.

Precious Little Children dying from diseases. Our daughters and sons we held and loved for only a little while on earth.

Car Accidents, Gun Shots, Murder, drowning of Teens raised by the World, for the World by Parents without understanding who His Son Jesus is or came here to do for them.

Young Couples Just Married, then a car accident taking one away in death.

Young Couples with small children, then a car accident tragically killing 2 of their 4 children.

Parents in their 30’s- 40’s – 50’s. Disease or a car accident taking either lives leaving only 1 parent to raise their children alone.

Grandparents dying one at a time, leaving the other alone for the rest of their life on earth. Watching in the mirror as their physical body deteriorates one day at a time. Beauty, Strength and their minds ebbing away like the relentless tide coming onto the shore….without Mercy, or Peace until they too die.

The above are chapters in our individual Books of Life. We are told the lie that “This is Our Best Life NOW”. The SADNESS for the Many is that we believe the Lie of Lucifer / Satan and refuse to even investigate the Truth of the Word of GOD in Scripture.

The Babies in the Womb, go instantly to be with GOD Forever in HEAVEN. Your Little Children, go instantly to be with GOD Forever in HEAVEN. Your Teenager, goes instantly to Hell to be where GOD is NOT….because you never raised them to Know or Love Jesus. Your Wife or Husband will go instantly to Hell to be where GOD is NOT….because you never told them of your love for Jesus because you thought living a Godly life would do that. Your Ancient Mom or Dad will go instantly to Hell to be where GOD is NOT…..because neither you nor your grown children took the time to visit them and tell them how much JESUS Loves them. That HE came for them personally to die on the Cross so they would have ETERNAL LIFE IN HEAVEN.

Yet the SADDEST PART OF ALL, is that YOU because you do not know JESUS as Your SAVIOR and LORD will miss the FAMILY REUNION in HEAVEN. Everyone that goes to Heaven will have their TEARS OF REMEMBRANCE wiped away personally by the HAND of JESUS that took the Roman Spikes for them on the Cross.

Their Mercy will be too FORGET YOU FOREVER. YOU will have no Mercy. You will watch the RERUN of the Life You Lived on Earth FOREVER Alone in the Darkness. YOU will have become ONE of the ETERNAL FORGOTTEN. Don’t you think with such Pain and Suffering awaiting you the second after you die that you could invest a FEW HOURS of you time NOW to read GOD’S Love Letter to YOU, contained in HIS BIBLE. The Scripture is the “GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD” that few read, yet their Eternal Life depends on it. If you won’t read it for your sake, then read it for the sake of ALL those you LOVE. Then maybe they will have a chance to go to Heaven instead of Hell.

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