“In the Beginning God”, WHO:

CHRISTIAN……. you need to take the time to tell people you love about your Supernatural, Miracle Working, Promise Keeping, Living God who changed your life.

• Created the Heavens and the Earth
• Saved Noah and his family in the Ark, from the flood
• Spoke to Moses from a burning bush
• Parted the Red Sea, so Israel could walk on dry ground
• Fed millions daily for 40 years in the wilderness
• Provided guidance and protection by the Pillar of Fire
• Conquered huge nations on behalf of his chosen people
• Provided 10 commandments, written by His finger. Not for rules to follow that
make you righteous, but rules to prove you cannot keep them and to show
your need of a Savior to make you righteous
• Sent His Son, Jesus to be born of a Virgin according to prophecy
• Jesus, who healed the blind, the deaf, the leper and the diseased
• Jesus, who walked on water, then told the sea…Be Still and it listened
• Jesus , who fed 5,000 and now becomes the Bread of Life to you
• Jesus , who took your place on the Cross and died for your sins
• Jesus, who promised He would come back again!

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