Prophetic Scroll

The SEAL has been Broken to the Prophetic Checklist:

All areas of prophecy combine in the united testimony, that history, His- Story, is preparing our generation for the end of the age.

I have compiled a prophecy checklist in 3 areas, the Church, the Nations and Israel. The list is in Prophetic Chronological order. This list would make a great bible study for each of you, by matching up the list with its scripture references. They represent road signs that mark the timing of His coming.

A Prophetic Checklist for the Church:
1. The rise of world Communism made possible the worldwide
spread of atheism.
2. Liberalism undermines the spiritual vitality of the church in Europe
and eventually in America.
3. The movement toward a super-church begins with the ecumenical
4. Apostasy and open denial of biblical truth is evident in the church.
5. Moral chaos becomes more and more evident because of the
complete departure from Christian morality.
6. The sweep of Spirit-ism, the Occult and the belief in Demons.
7. Jerusalem becomes a center of religious controversy for Arabs
and Christians, while Jews of the world plan to make the city an
active Center for Judaism.

A Prophetic Checklist for the Nations:
1. The establishment of the United Nations began a serious first step
toward world government.
2. The rebuilding of Europe after World War 11 made possible its
future role in a renewal of the Roman Empire.
3. Israel is reestablished as a nation.
4. Russia rose to world power and becomes the ally of the Arab
5. The Common Market and World Bank show a need for some
international regulation of the world economy.
6. Red China rose to world power and developed the capacity to field
an army of 200,000,000 as predicted in prophecy.
7.The Middle East becomes the most significant trouble spot in the

A Prophetic Checklist for Israel:
1. The intense suffering and persecution of Jews throughout the world
lead to pressure for a national home in Israel, after the
2. Jews return to Israel, and Israel is reestablished as a nation
in 1948.
3. The infant nation survives against overwhelming odds, (800,000
Jews against 180 million Arabs).
4. Russia emerges as an important enemy of Israel, but the United
States comes to the aid of Israel. (God promises to bless those
who bless Israel).
5. Israel’s heroic survival and growing strength make it an established
Nation recognized throughout the world.
6. Israel’s military accomplishments become over shadowed by the
Arab’s ability to wage a diplomatic war by controlling much of the
world’s oil.
7. The increasing isolation of the United States and Russia from the
Middle East makes it more and more difficult for Israel to negotiate
an acceptable peace settlement.

The Church, The Nations and Israel together form an intricately woven pattern of events. Israel is Gods prophetic time clock. Time stopped in 70 AD when the temple was destroyed by the Romans. Currently we are on hold, yet the Lord through prophecy has given us the ability to discern the times and the seasons before His Soon Return.

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