10 Signs of the Return of CHRIST

Every morning I make a right turn onto South Commerce on my way to M-5 to get onto the expressway. On my way I pass a company whose building is empty. The grass is over grown; it is obvious that no one has been there for years.

The company in its day made signs. The only reason I know this is because on the property there is a large sign with one large simple word printed on it.

The word is SIGN. I have been passing this lone sentinel 5 days a week every week for almost a year now. I see it on the way in to work and on the way home. I wonder how many of the people traveling the same path notice the SIGN?

Very few I am sure. They are all very busy in their cars being very important, talking on the phone, eating breakfast, drinking coffee, and looking in the mirror at themselves. It’s a fast paced world you know. We have no time anymore, we multi-task because we have to in order to survive. An objective observer would swear that we seem to just run to and fro without really accomplishing much.

So no I really do not believe anyone notices the SIGN. Yet I do and it calls out to me two times everyday. It reminds me of Gods description of mankind in their sinful state. They have ears yet they do not understand what they hear. They have eyes but they do not see the SIGNS. They have hearts of stone that are insensitive to the needs of everyone around them.

They are blind, deaf and naked before God, and have no clue of their sinful condition. They do not need a Savior because they do not believe they need to be saved. Saved from what they ask me? When I tell them saved from the coming wrath of God and from their potential place of residence in Hell …they laugh…they Mock God.

The SIGN I pass each day is truly like a sentinel. It stands as a reminder to everyone that passes it day after day that God has placed SIGN’S along the road of each person’s journey though life. SIGN’S that if people would just follow would lead them into outer space all the way to the throne room of God.

God has given us Prophecies; 100’s of them in the Bible. They are SIGN’S that tell us the future. They are SIGN’S that can be investigated and proven by Science, Archeology, and Past History.

We use SIGN’S to give us directions so we know where we are going and don’t get lost. SIGN’S also tell us of danger ahead. God has given us SIGN’S in His Word that do the same thing.

So if your willing to slow your car down and pay attention to the SIGN’S I am about to give you from the Word of God; you will find your way safely to the home that God has prepared for you to live forever with HIM in His Heaven.


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