Spiritual Gold Nugget 4  Who Do You Hope In ?

 HOPE: who or what do you place your hope in? There is only one place that hope belongs and that is in the TRUE God. Without the TRUE God you can define your life as hopeless. For only through Gods plan for your life will you find hope for your life here and hope beyond the grave.

H   God is Holy. He is the Creator and I am the creature. He is set apart. He is a self existent Being and He is to be feared. I cannot gain righteousness by comparing myself to others around me. God is HOLY and HIS Standard of perfection must be met to gain entrance into Heaven. I cannot be Holy. I therefore have a problem.

O   God is Omniscient and Omnipresent. He knows all and is everywhere at the same time. Everything I do and say is before His face. Everything I say, do and think is recorded in Heaven within the personal biography of my life. My life will be judged first by His Scriptures and secondly from my biography.

P   God is Personal. He wants you to know Him One to One. He wants you to know Him personally. He desires a relationship of friendship with me. Imagine, the God of the Universe wanting me to know HIM heart to heart.

E   God is Eternal. He has no beginning and no end. You have a beginning because He created you, but you too are Immortal with no end, you will live forever somewhere.

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