Spiritual Gold Nugget 2… Jerusalem’s Eastern Gate

There is one opening that has remained closed for thousands of years…the Eastern Gate entrance to the city of Jerusalem in Israel. God said it would remain closed until His Messiah; King Jesus sets foot again on the earth.

Then the Eastern Gate will open, first to welcome the King of Jerusalem and then to all those who will come from the nations to Worship the King and visit His City, the City of GOD…JERUSALEM.

Jesus deserves the title of King and with it the crown of “Glory and Honor.” He was born King of the Jews, but He was also present at Creation. He shared His birth with us, but He never knew a time when He didn’t exist, for He has always been.

And He will be there at the end when creation grows “Old like a garment”. The worn out Creation will be changed and YOU with it…if you believe…Because YOUR Sins have been Nailed to HIS Cross.

But King JESUS has never changed since the beginning and will be the same when time is no more.  He is “I AM”, the ever-present Jehovah of the Old Testament.

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