My Spirit shall not strive with man forever

Gen. 6: 3 “Then the Lord said, My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh”.

2,000 years ago the New Born Church thought that Jesus was coming back in their generation. However, in their day most of the End Times Prophecies of Revelation were yet to happen far into the future.

When you pray today, pray for the NEW JERUSALEM that JESUS is bringing with HIM to take its place within the Final Re-Created Heavens and Earth. There will never be any peace for the Old Jerusalem on this planet. Even during the 1,000 years of the millennium reign of Jesus on this earth, He will rule from Jerusalem with a ROD of IRON.

The time for creatures HE made of flesh is Ending. The only thing of value left on the planet are Eternal Souls. The only prayers worth praying are for those Souls you love that do not know Jesus as Savior. Loved Ones who you want in Heaven with you.

Genesis 9: 8-17 Speaks about the Covenant God established with Noah and his descendant’s (including you). GOD said HE would never again destroy the world with water. GOD honors HIS COVENANTS. The Final Holocaust of Mankind will not be with water. This time GOD will use Fire to cleanse His World, His Earth and His Universe from ALL Sin for ALL ETERNITY.

As with every Pre-Written Historical Event set in the Bible; God has already pre-determined the historical date for the End of ALL Flesh and Sin, and set it in STONE. That date is tied the 2nd Coming of His Son JESUS. He is coming back soon to take back what belongs to HIM. My hope and prayer is that you are one of HIS !

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