King David set the stage when he danced and praised the Lord. You will be able to dance like him; FOREVER in Heaven on streets paved with GOLD.

You won’t be alone singing Praises to the Lord in the streets. You will do it among a Host of Holy Angels with ALL the Saved Believers who together will make a joyful noise as ONE FAMILY; called before the universe was created to be presented by GOD ALMIGHTY as a Love Gift to HIS SON. To Praise JESUS for ETERNITY.

Yet multitudes will be left behind. Your Mother’s, Father’s, Sister’s, Brother’s, Children, Grandchildren, Friends and Neighbor’s. Those you love dearly.

They will remember you forever. But God will give you His Grace and Mercy and Peace in Heaven. And you will forget those Left Behind who took a different road to different Eternal Place. Those left behind, will become the Forgotten for Eternity.

Do all you can now, to share the Gospel with them and warn them about what is now quickly coming; while you still have time.


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