Why Can’t I See CHRIST in You?

If you are a believer who is a Carnal Christian you have chosen to live the life style of those around you covered by the Sewage that permeates the world, hiding your light; your rewards will be diminished when you meet Jesus.

He is not going to give you all He wanted to give you because of the way you have behaved here on earth. Then, Jesus is going to open the books that record your every thought and deed and take you back through the life that you lived.

Every moment that you did not do what He asked you to do will be brought forward in your mind. All the things that you did that you would be ashamed of; that now you would want the opportunity to go back and do them over again, will be brought into the light.

You will be like the people that came to know Christ at the end of their lives. The ones like the Thief on the Cross-who never lived a life for Christ.

They will get into heaven just as you did because Christ loved you in spite of your decisions. Christ because of His love for you will in the end save you from yourself. But the personal loss of a life not lived for Christ will haunt you. Those minutes you stand before the Lord will seem like an eternity of regret to you. Then finally you will enter the Portals of Heaven with tears and you will have JOY as the Dawn of Eternity unfolds before you.

So I ask you Carnal Christian, why won’t you stand alone for the Lord who redeemed you? Why do you live like a Carnal Christian?

Why can’t I see Christ in you?

Why won’t you live a life before others that is different; one that is respectful, one that is to be admired, one that has a higher standard, a higher calling?

Why is your desire to swim within the sewage that surrounds you? Why do you prefer to hide in the shadows, rather than walk in the light? What is so important to you about the respect of those UN-regenerate people living in the darkness around you that you choose to act like them?

Why are you not willing to open your mouth and stand alone for JESUS.

Why is it that you prefer to dishonor the Lord and dishonor yourself by clinging to the fallen earth dwellers with hearts of stone that weigh them down, so they cannot rise up to the portals of Heaven?

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