Raise Them To Love Jesus


Proverbs 22:6  “Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Dan was giving me a praise report about his daughter. We all pray for our kids that they would place their faith in Jesus for their salvation. Many of them say they have, but you know as well as I that we cannot see into their heart. So we look for the fruit of good works in their lives that reassure us they truly do love the Lord who waits patiently for them.

Dan loves Christian music as do I. Dan and his wife are part of their church’s music team. Dan came across a song that touched his heart so much that he gave it too his daughter. Interesting that someone would give a song as a gift. Yet a song can touch the soul where words alone cannot.

She loved the song not just for the melody but also especially for the lyrics. They continued to fill her mind day and night. She played it over and over. She told Dan how this song touched her heart so much that she was practicing it so she could stand before her Lord in church and sing it as a solo to the congregation.

How awesome it is for a believing parent to hear their child sing before the Lord. It is like proclaiming our faith in baptism. We stand on the stage before the congregation but really we stand alone before the King of Kings and sing to Him alone. When we worship among the many at church and we sing, we too stand alone before the King of Kings and sing to Him alone.

I am sure that Dan looked at His daughter and thought how awesome a proof of her repentant heart it is, for her to be able to sing from her heart to the Lord before witnesses.

Dan is truly blessed to both see and be part of the growth in spiritual maturity of his child. Dan then spoke about what a blessing children are and that he was praying for his older son’s confirmation of salvation. That when his son was born and brought home from the hospital he went into the crib late at night and then tenderly lifted his newborn son up high before the Lord in the darkness of the room.

There in the darkness Dan gave back his son to the Lord of light and asked that God would be his true father and that the Lord would guide Dan as his earthly father in the joy of teaching his son about Jesus and Scripture. That Dan would be able to bathe his son in the light of God’s Word through all the years of influence Dan would have; so that his son would grow up to be a man of God.

You men with children who are reading this need to know your children are a blessing from the Lord. It is your responsibility to raise up your children to know their Creator and to know the Scriptures that tell the story about the Son of God.

Like John the Baptist, who came to prepare the way for the Lord. You also have been given the honor and the responsibility to prepare the way to your child’s heart so they will be able to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

God calls you to begin praying for their Salvation from the moment they have life in the womb. Then in LOVE, live your life before them and your wife and your God so there is no question in their minds about whom you belong to and whom you have chosen to serve.

Then maybe God in HIS Mercy to you will bless you by giving you the desire of your heart, the desire of my heart… that each one of our children will become a Child of the KING.

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