The Lies of Mankind’s FALSE RELIGIONS

Why do people refuse to believe in the God who wants to be known? Yet they are intrigued with THE LIES of mankind’s false religions.

The simple explanation is that we have forgotten the True GOD because we no longer have time to spend with HIM, because we spend all our time on ourselves. WE have become our own gods. Before I-Phones we looked at our reflections in the mirror. Now we create SELFY’s. All we see is ourselves. We no longer can see the image of God.

There is only ONE TRUE GOD, as revealed in the book HE wrote Himself. It is HIS Autobiography. Written by HIS Inspiration to chosen Prophets and Apostles. His book is the Old and New Testaments that together are HIS revelation to Mankind about creation, its coming end and its NEW BEGINNING. You can know the entire past, present and future as depicted in HIS Scriptures because they are Pre-Written History.

And ALL of History is HIS-Story. The Story of JESUS the SON of GOD; with you written on every page because You Are Part of Mankind.

The True GOD reaches down to mankind to reveal Himself; while mankind cries out and reaches up to gods that do not exist.

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