Anthony Hopkins Got It Wrong

“Being an Atheist must be like living in a closed cell with no windows.”

Anthony Hopkins


JESUS will provide JUSTICE to every HUMAN BEING and ANGELIC BEING ever created.

An Atheist Will Die 2 Times.1st their Physical Death, 2nd their Eternal Death.

The definition of an Atheist is someone who does not believe in god. However, I really see no difference between an atheist or someone who worships a false god created by one of multiple man-made religions. Because neither group worships The True GOD, they worship themselves as god or demons as god.

Every Religion created by man worships a god who is soon to be dead and gone forever. The god (satan) of this earth knows he is doomed to go to hell forever. He wants to take as many of you as he can with him. GOD has provided NO REDEMPTION for satan or the fallen angels that follow him.


The TRUE GOD has provided YOU with REDEMPTION. The instructions for you gain Redemption are in the BIBLE. Considering the PENALTY for not being REDEEMED, I would think you would at least invest the time now to read the LIfe of Jesus which is Documented History and make your own decision before you stand in front of HIM.

Jesus makes it clear in HIS SCRIPTURES that there is ETERNAL Life in Heaven and ETERNAL Death in Hell. Jesus created Hell for satan and the fallen angels, but it will also be the eternal place for non-believers. JESUS will Reign from HIS Throne over both places. There is ONLY ONE WAY to the KINGDOM of GOD. There is ONLY ONE LIVING PERSON today that HOLDS the KEYS to OPEN the DOOR for you to go in.

HIS Name is JESUS, The SON of GOD. The PERSON that you will bow before and then accept the DESTINY of your Choosing FOREVER.

Every Non-Believer will have a physical death, then a Spiritual Death. Jesus will give them a NEW DEAD BODY Created for their Eternal Death.

Every Believer in the LORD JESUS will ONLY have a Physical Death. Then Live forever in their NEW LIVING BODY created for their Eternal Life. They will be able to travel the NEW UNIVERSE that GOD will RE-CREATE for them to explore Forever.


Matthew 10:28 Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear HIM who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
My Believing Friend, YOU will be able to LOOK INTO HELL and SEE the JUSTICE of JESUS. See Scriptures below.

Isaiah 66: 23-24
23 “Every month on Rosh-Hodesh and every week on Shabbat, everyone living will come to worship in my presence,” says Adonai.

24 “As they leave, they will look on the corpses of the people who rebelled against me. For their worm will never die, and their fire will never be quenched; but they will be abhorrent to all humanity.”

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