JESUS wants me to focus only on His Great Commission. To be part of His plan to save people from themselves as they walk blindly through this life to the edge of a cliff overlooking the abyss. The abyss is a place that God created not for man, but for the devil and his angel followers…a place called Hell.

How serious is this call on your life? Have you really thought it through? Have you counted the cost of becoming not a disciple, not a servant… but a SLAVE?

Are you a broken person sick of even your smallest sins? Do you understand your helpless situation, as you will someday be called to stand before a Holy God? Are you willing to forsake everything in your life and re-prioritize everything to accommodate His Will for your life?

His demands are that of The Lord (Kurios) to us His slave (Dulas)…the only response possible from a slave is that of obedience. In Luke 6:46 Jesus said… “Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and not do the things which I say?”

It is through obedience that a true slave shows their love for their master. And in response the MASTER will show His Love for His Slave. To be His disciple means He comes before your family, friends, personal plans, ambitions, and everything else that you want in this world.

You do not serve a friend; you are the slave of the Lord. His authority over you is non-negotiable. He is Sovereign.

When you understand this relationship between you and your Lord, then He is your friend and He grants you the privilege of being His servant. When this happens your hearts, cry will be …May the end of my days be greater than their beginning as I serve The Living Son of God. Your passion and your joy will be to keep turning over the hourglass so you can gain more time here to serve HIM.

Because in the end of our time here each one of us wants to hear Jesus say… “Well done, my good and faithful Servant.” Then what was once lost will be found…it’s you. For in JESUS you will find yourself. You began in His mind and you will continue to be on His mind forever.

And so; the Friend that we most feared in the beginning of our relationship will acknowledge us as a brother who loves each of us with a love greater than we can ever know…because we have become part of HIS new eternal family.

A family that is truly all for one and one for all. Everyday you live is a new day filled with HIS Mercy and Grace; so You can Begin Again and Serve The LORD.

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