I have seen this statement posted in many forms though the years. As a Born Again Believer I understand the word GOD to mean GOD the FATHER, GOD the SON and GOD the HOLY SPIRIT.

My GOD is a Tri-Unity of 3 distinct PERSONS. In other words they each have a name separate from the other. So when you use the Term GOD, the question that rears its ugly head is “WHOSE GOD ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?”
Mankind has created multiple gods through its various false religions. Each small god represents satan.

The god of Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, New Ageism, Even Atheism and every other ISM. Our GOD is not known by an ISM. HE HAS A NAME. It’s the NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES.

You will not have your head cut off for just saying I Believe in a God. There is NO COST to following a God. But there is a HUGE COST for Following the SON of GOD.

So do what is right, Do What Honors the ONE you put your Faith Into. The ONE that Is the TRUE GOD of this EARTH and the KING of ETERNITY. HE has a NAME and you should be using ONLY HIS NAME as you STAND ALONE in the Crowd, sharing your Faith Story and then taking them to the Foot of HIS CROSS.

You are Accountable to HIM for every thought, word and deed in this life. Make your words ALL Count and then use


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