There is Only ONE TRUE FAITH

The church, (the Apostate Church) is now based on shallow sentimentalism and superficial harmony; neither of which affords Salvation…but ends in Damnation.

Jesus called us to ONE FAITH based on unchanging Doctrines forming the anchor of Unity within our minds, our external decisions, our beliefs in standards, in behavior…in Doctrine…in the Word of God.

No individual leaders (or denominations) should be given the loyalty that belongs ONLY to Our LORD JESUS. By elevating men & women we breed contentions, disputes and a divided church.

Christ is not divided and neither is HIS Body…made up of the One True Church. Yet today there is a division within the church that did not exist at its birth at Pentecost. Jesus said every Church is made up of Both Wheat / Believers and Tares / Non-Believers. The souls in need of the harvest are as prevalent within the walls of the church as they are on the outside.

Within every fellowship, every person is either saved and in a process of maturing or in a process of self-deception and destruction. How horrific is it that people come into church with a desire to understand God; but never truly hear and receive the ONE True Gospel that Saves?

Too many pulpits are not preaching sound doctrine, nor the Cross nor Repentance nor Heaven nor Hell nor the Book of REVELATION. Instead as Paul said they teach “the cleverness of men” and in so doing Mock God by making the Cross of Christ null and void.

The church is not a building, nor a denomination, nor a non-denominational group. The Church is made of people, living stones with hearts of flesh that beat as One with the heart of their Savior Jesus.

The Church is made up of children of all ages who have received their Faith as a gift…not by works; but a free gift of faith from the Father of the Son of God. We are a family of brothers and sisters who will live in a forever place called heaven. There to experience forever both the joy and the purpose we were created for in the very presence of Almighty God.

There is only One Faith, One Hope, One Baptism…ONE GOD and Father of All. There is only One Church, One Body, One Life in the Spirit.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd with only One Sheepfold that is Chosen and Elected by God from those who SEEK HIM within His revealed Word.

JESUS ALONE will build HIS True Church One Living Stone at a time. Based ONLY on the revelation given to HIS Prophets and HIS Apostles as recorded once and for all in the Old and New Testaments. Not by men, nor the words of men or the religions of men.

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