God has a plan from Eternity Past; for every day, every hour, and every breath of life, word spoken and written; that would come out of me while here on Earth. That is the lesson HE taught me in 2012 after heart surgery for 2 – 80% blockages. I am not mine, I am HIS.

God saved me for a reason. That reason is so I would tell everyone the Good News of Salvation through Christ. However, there is NO GOOD News without understanding the BAD NEWS First. Also, there is no real SALVATION without REPENTANCE. So, the journey begins with the FEAR OF GOD. I believe sounding the alarm of what is coming now, is the only reason that God allows me to live another day. To share His Gospel means knowing enough about Jesus in Scripture; so, we can not only proclaim HIM to the Lost but also Defend HIM before people who Mock God.

Yes, witnessing is tough! I have learned through the years to look for the storms. In the beginning of my walk of faith, fear would come knocking on my door. But now I realize that without the storms I would not have my strong faith in Christ and His Promises; that now make me who I am. I have spent years on Gods Anvil being molded by hammer blows. In HIS Mercy to me now He uses a chisel.

I wear biblical contact lenses through which I see the world as it really is. And I have a hearing aid tuned to the whispers of God as He gently leads me through each storm. So now through living life and gaining wisdom through pain; I have knowledge and personal experiences so I can share my faith with those HE brings across my path.

We are not alone in this battle. In fact, what we are called to do is just speak. The Holy Spirit will give us the words. It’s a matter of confidence. Confidence placed in the Holy Spirit; not us.

Perhaps your motivation and confidence is weak because you fear going against the Tsunami of Political Correctness that now governs our country and maybe some people you love. Perhaps you don’t feel confident because you are afraid you will not know the answer to the questions people will ask you. Just remember its ok to say I will get back to you. At least the conversation can continue another day. Then go home and prepare.

Or perhaps you just don’t know how to bring the subject up. God, is in charge of opening opportunities for each of us to witness. Your responsibility is to recognize them and open the door to the encounter.

Then through prayer turn it over to the Holy Spirit, for He is there with you. You are responsible only to plant the seeds; the Holy Spirit will water those seeds with the very tears of God to make them grow.

I can now stand alone for Christ, because in reality, the Holy Spirit is in me and I am never alone. Each of us have scars and a Story to Tell. However, my scars will be gone when I get to heaven. But Jesus, will forever bear the wounds of loves eternal war. For when the kingdom comes with its perfected saints, He will still forever be known by His Scars.

nails  John 20:27 “Then he (Jesus) said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.”


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