Reaping the WHIRLWIND

The Times we live in …..REAPING the WHIRLWIND

The Oceans of the World represent the Tears of GOD. Up till now the Oceans have quietly come to the sea shore, whispering…..“Why will you not turn to my SON and Be Healed?”

Yet the Fallen People of the Earth, with hearts of stone remain Deaf, Dumb and Blind to HIS TRUTH.

There is a Dam built around the countries of the earth stopping the Tears of GOD from washing ashore.

The Dam is made up of Sewage and Covered with the shed blood of mankind’s Evil throughout History. This Dam of Sin has now stemmed the tide of GODS TEARS; so they SOON will no longer reach the people who have NOT accepted HIS Son JESUS as their LORD and SAVIOR.

YET the rescue of the BELIEVING REMNANT will go on for a short time; until the planned BIBLICAL AIRLIFT comes for those who LOVE HIS Appearing.

And then The FALLEN Nations of the World, who worship the god of this world / satan….will Finally Reap what they have Sown….and be no more.

They will become the FORGOTTEN for Eternity.

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