Hitler’s Death Camp


The Death Angel came into neighborhoods in the disguise of hordes of Buses to collect all the Jews to take them to the Death Camps. The trip to their destination was filled with anxiety for everyone. Mothers, Fathers, Children, Grandchildren, Uncles, Aunts and Cousin’s; entire families collected like cattle for slaughter did not know what was going to happen.

No one knew, no one could even imagine the horror that awaited them at their final destination…. their individual appointment with destiny. My mother told me the story of arriving at Auswiche with her sister and her sister’s children, Teddy and Lillian. The four of them were in one line and a Nazi soldier pulled my mother out of the line and put her in a separate line by herself. My mother left the line 3 times to go back to be with her sister and her children.

Each time she was beaten and thrown into the other line. The last time she was beaten with clubs and physically could not get back so she was carried along by other people, unable to walk. Her eyes were locked on three precious souls; the four hearts beat as one as the three slowly disappeared from her view. Her last memory would be seeing the silent scream on the face of her sister as her two children clinging to her, walked together into the darkness of a past that haunted her for the rest of her life.

Once inside the GAS CHAMBER, Teddy and Lillian and their Mother died a horrible death. Their mother stood with the two of them clutching each other among a packed room of strangers. They were all naked in a shower room. There was silence as they all heard the hissing sound together at the same time.

No water came forth, just the sound of gas, then the sound of choking, then the screams of pain from their eyes and the burning in their lungs. They clung together, Lillian, Teddy and their Mother. They fell together with the rest of the people. And they were buried together in a mass unmarked grave.

After the war was over both my parents were re-united in the immigration camp. My father formerly my mother’s brother-in-law, and my mother formerly the sister of my father’s wife. It took 2 years for them to regain their health. They married in the camp. Their mutual loses drew them together into a marriage built on a foundation of pain and suffering. But God in His Mercy brought them comfort in each other and blessed them with me; a new life to cherish into the future.

Prior to immigrating, Jews who lost homes were allowed to go back to the cities where they had lived and reclaim their homes should they want to.  Most found nothing left to come home too and so they immigrated all over the world. In the case of my father the people occupying his home allowed him to go into the backyard and dig up a box that he had hidden in the earth. A box filled with treasures, jewelry, and money. These things had no value to him…but the pictures…OH Dear God, the pictures…the images of love and life lost; he gently held close to his heart and brought them with him.

Armin had walked his own “Via Delarosa”; his road of suffering. At its end he found only misty memories of the past. He had lived through hell on earth just to be able to touch the hands of his children and hold his wife once again.  But they …were no more. His hands shook and all the pent up anguish came out in great sobs and tears as he held 3 pictures of 3 hearts gently against his breast…Teddy, Lillian and the only remaining picture of his wife as they stood bride and groom together looking forward to a bright future. And so he walked forward into a new life clutching the old life…crying out to God…WHY?…but only hearing the sound of silence. He never understood till his dying day that it was satan who robbed him…not God.

I am staring at Teddy and Lillian. I have the pictures my father once held in his hands. They are with me here as I write. All that’s left of them I now hold in my hands. In a very real sense I now hold their hearts and my father’s heart. They are the brother and sister I never had a chance to know.

What about you? Do you have a brother or sister that have died young that you never got a chance to know? Are you a parent who has lost children at a young age and now like me; you hold precious photographs in your hands that represent the hearts that once lived in bodies you could hug and kiss?

Look closely at their pictures and you will see eyes filled with light and life. If you look long enough you will be able to see deep into their souls.

Teddy and Lillian just like your brother or sister, or your child still live today, just as you do. Not as memories, but as who they are. Each a unique person created by the Living God to live for eternity. Each has been given a new body to replace the old; no longer a youth but a young person with a new strong body free of pain or any form of weakness. A body fitted to live for eternity.

I have reached into my memory to help you understand the atrocities of evil that have plagued this world since its fall in the Garden of Eden. History is represented by a river of blood filled with dead bodies due to wars. Anger burns in my soul, yet I hear the whisper of God calling to me…” Ernie, the actions of mankind are no longer human, but the result of a disease all humans have called Sin. I have provided a cure for this disease that is part of their DNA.

People who choose not to take the cure will be dealt with individually when they stand before me.  As to the rest of them, Revenge and Justice towards all evil is mine alone, Ernie…justice and revenge will be served by ME!”

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