Currently the God of the Bible is not the god of this world. The god of this world has created a pantheon of gods in the form of world religions made in man’s image. All are vastly different and do not represent the same god let alone the TRUE GOD of the Bible and His Saving Gospel.

My point is that “the god of this world” has now infiltrated the church. The church has come away from its moorings and is now being tossed to and fro from every wind and doctrine. Its anchor no longer fastened to the foot of the Cross. Its buildings sit on sinking sand instead of the huge rock, “PETRA” (no this is NOT the Apostle Peter), the “rock of the Gospel” on which Christ said He would build HIS Church.

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance with their own desires; and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths.”  2 Timothy 4:3-4

That time has now appeared, people’s ears itch for truth, but only listen and obey the truth that fits their wants and needs. The two things that all people need now more than ever are wisdom and discernment. Without those two working in your spiritual life, how will you ever be able to know the True God and His Only, Saving Gospel?

It is your responsibility before God to be a SEEKER, to dig deep into His Word to find His Truth that saves. The Lord calls us sheep. If you’ve ever done a study on sheep you’d find that we humans have a lot of their characteristics. Sheep desperately need a Shepherd they can trust. They are followers, sheep cannot recognize the cliff they are going to walk over, and sheep are stubborn.

The Lord said that His sheep hear His voice. That means we can recognize His Voice. Today the only place we will hear the Lords voice is through the pages of Scripture…no where else.

On the mount of transfiguration when Jesus revealed His Glory, Peter immediately started talking about building tabernacles. God actually had to interrupt Peter from spouting off his plan“This is my SON… LISTEN to Him!” A short time later when Jesus said He would soon die for the Sins of the world, Peter said no, not you ….Jesus turned to Peter and said “Get thee behind me Satan.”   Well-meaning Peter un-knowingly was speaking for Satan.

Peter is a picture of all of us, we have trouble listening. We listen to other voices that do not belong to God. We want what we feel is best for us. God no longer speaks to us as individuals as some think. Now He speaks to us in His Word…the Scriptures. The Scriptures represent the only Truth there is. And yes we need to compare everything people say and do to the Holy Scriptures.

We were created by God with intellect and reasoning capability, but until we become born again that capacity is dead in sin…its flawed. We have no spiritual wisdom or discernment. We are guided by a faulty guidance system that relies on our emotions and our need to rationalize everything based on our opinions which are not valid because they are viewed through our emotions.

God says, we lack spiritual wisdom, knowledge and discernment that only HE gives us after we are given a new heart, a new circumcised heart by the Holy Spirit at our new birth…when we are Born AGAIN.

Everything you need to find the Truth and be born again, God has provided for you. The choice is yours to invest the time to find it. If you seek Him with all your mind and heart He will open your eyes to see the Truth so you will not be deceived into living The Lie.

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