Before whom, will you bow down ?

Real Question

WHO have You placed your HOPE in for ETERNAL LIFE?
WHO have You placed your FAITH in and WHY?
WHAT is TRUTH; and How Can You PROVE IT?

Grandpa Ernie
Almost 70 years old. Raised in a Jewish Orthodox family of Holocaust Survivors. Born Again a Messianic Jew at 38 years old. Thrown out of my family for 10 years.

I do not believe in myths, fairy tales or legends. My faith in Jesus can be proven by Archeology, Science, History (HIS story), but most of all by fulfilled prophecy written down in Gods own words to the Prophets and Apostles. SCRIPTURE is the Autobiography of GOD the ONE TRUE TRIUNE GOD. The HOLY BIBLE speaks to the Past, the Present and the FUTURE of All Mankind. You will find your name written on its pages.

The most important Question contained within the Word of God is WHO DO YOU SAY THAT I AM? You will hear that question from the lips of JESUS as you Stand Alone Before Him. Your answer will determine your Eternal Destination.

Jesus is my Savior and LORD. He is The SON of GOD, The Christ and The Messiah. My passion is Evangelism beginning in the Old Testament and ending in the New Testament. Both Testaments contain Jesus and proclaim HIM as the SON of GOD. May you come to know HIM.

May God give you a new circumcised heart of flesh that beats in unison with the heart of God. May your new heart pump Royal Blood because you then will be a Child of God and have the right to call God …ABBA, which means DADDY.

May you Find HIM, while you still have physical life. Then you will be able to answer the most important Question about yourself… WHO AM I? When you do, you will be ready to Live Your Life according to HIS WILL and not your will.

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