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My Son calls me Gandalf, because I now have human ancient of days’ status.

I often remind myself of the first 38 years of life I lived without Christ. These were the days the Locusts ate. I worked hard at my sins, I swam happily in the sewage around me, until it started to overwhelm me.

Then Jesus reached down from His Cross and lifted me up out of the sewage that surrounded me. That was the day pre-destined in eternity past for my Salvation.

Why, because Scripture says we were Born in the Mind of GOD…. before HE created the Heavens and the Earth. None of us is a mistake. You were born with a purpose and to make sure you attain your purpose; GOD sent the Comforter…The HOLY SPIRIT to Live Inside of You.

I asked the LORD why HE let me waste 38 years? Why couldn’t HE have saved me in my teens.

The only answer that comes back is that today is the day of Salvation and that HE chose me, I had nothing to do with that. And that the good works HE planned for me in Eternity Past began in May 18,1985 and I am accountable to HIM for each and every seed in my Seed Bag that HE gave me to carry in 1985.

That day at 6:30 PM, I cried out for HIM to SAVE ME. Jesus touched my heart of stone and turned it into a heart of flesh that now pumps ROYAL BLOOD; because I became a Child of the Living GOD. I learned that my Past was NO LONGER MY FUTURE.

Time is precious, we All need to be about our Father’s Business. We will be judged not only on what we did for HIM, but also on what WE DID NOT DO for HIM !  Yes…we must choose WISELY.

Because…Each of US was CHOSEN for such a TIME as This !

In HIM I found me !


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