The Shed Blood of Messiah

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The SHED BLOOD of the MESSIAH of ISRAEL covers ALL of Your SINS…ONLY if YOU Come to the FOOT of HIS CROSS !

Genesis 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”


The god of this world satan will soon be terminated. This Fallen World owes everything to the Nation of Israel. The nations that have been blessed by JESUS the JEWISH MESSIAH are the ones that have blessed ISRAEL.

No other nation on earth has been destroyed and scattered

to the four corners of the globe, and then re-gathered as

the focus of world attention.

 No other nation declares by its re-emergence in time, that

there is a God who deserves to be feared and loved and


 No other nation exists as a declaration to the world that in the records of her history, we find our roots & in the predictions of her prophets we find our future.

The nation of Israel has put its faith in its military might. They have forgotten that their real secret weapon is God. Yet soon they will understand this again as God fights on their behalf as ALL the nations of the earth come against the Nation of Israel.

Then they who remain will lift up their eyes on whom they have pierced (Zechariah 12:10) and cry out the Name Above All Names, Jesus, Yeshua, which translated means Salvation, and Only the REMNANT will be saved!

The Marines represent the pride of the military of the United States of America. They are always the first to go into combat and the last to leave.

I recently saw a billboard sign on the road. It had a picture or a beautiful saber in its sheath. It is something to behold. The Marine saber represents the might of the United States of America.

The words over this saber on the billboard represent the creed of every American.

“Earned, Never Given”.  This is the way of mankind.

GOD uses the same 3 words but in a different sequence.

“Given, NEVER Earned”  This is the way of GOD.

I say the following all the time to anyone that has ears to hear…

I am not a Jew, or a Catholic, or an Episcopalian or a Lutheran. I am not a Methodist, or a Presbyterian or a Baptist. I am not a Charismatic nor am I a Pentecostal.  For that matter I am not Yellow, Brown, Red, Black or White.

I am NONE of the above. What I am, is a Child of I AM and a Follower of HIS SON JESUS the MESSIAH of ALL NATIONS.

JESUS, ONE ANGRY JEW who is coming back very soon with fire in His Eyes; to take back Everything that Belongs to HIM.

Do YOU Belong to HIM ?

Will you Sing to the LORD …“ I Stand, I Stand….in Awe of YOU ?



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