:cross inside the cross

Please notice as we approach HIS Cross. It is not higher than the rest of the crosses on the road. The two flanking crosses are at the same height as HIS. If we did not know it was HIM, we would have walked by not noticing HIS Cross. The only thing that was different was Pilates Sign over HIS head that read… “This IS the KING of the JEWS.” Luke 23:38.

Jesus looked like every other Jew hanging on a cross along the road. There was nothing unique about HIM visually. It was the words that He spoke that drew attention and the miracles that He did that gave HIM credibility. But here on the Cross-He did not stand out for He came to die as one of us…so He blended in.

If you did not know the story you would not know that God was hanging there before you. What of the two Crosses on either side? They remind us that we have a choice to make. For the one thief accepted Christ and went to be with Christ in Heaven; while the other went to hell condemned by the original sin he was born with and then carried to his death.


Scripture makes it clear…there IS a Heaven and Hell.

On The Cross

Jesus knew my name.

Jesus knew my story.

I was on His mind when He Died!



Remember JESUS and Share HIS Story ! ! !

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