Gods Gym 1 Gods Gym2

The endurance and strength I used to have seems to have vanished since my heart stent surgery in 2012. I have become the Ancient of Days in my family. My grandchildren love to pull what they call CHEESE on my elbows.

When I look in the mirror all I see is my continually growing enormous Nose. And my ear lobes are jealous and want to be the same size as my ears. If I put my head outside the car window when I am driving my ear lobes catch the wind and flap fiercely. My ears pick up the same noise I used to hear when riding my bike with playing cards attached to the spokes with my mother’s wooden clothes pins.

BUT the worst is looking in the mirror seeing my upper torso in a Body Building Pose Off Position. What happened to my Biceps, my Shoulders, my Chest, my 2 pack Stomach? Everything has turned to CHEESE.

If the empty wings under my biceps and the huge earlobe flaps ever caught the wind I could go parasailing with the best of them.

This depressing story is because I just returned two 10 lb. weights to Target. Elyse offered to help me by carrying one of them into the store. I wanted to work out like I used to but everything I do aggravates my wrist, my elbows, my back and neck.

Then I remembered that we were made from dust and to dust we will return. That the only thing we have of any true value is our Eternal Soul. If we know Jesus as Savior and Lord, then we will receive a new body fit for Heaven. A body that will never grow old.

So while I live in TIME and my body continues towards dust, I still need to exercise. The pictures show the Treadmill and two specific items that I focus on every day that remind me of who I am. The first directly in front of me is the hat I wear. It reminds me of, the ONE to whom I belong and that HE came to die to provide me a way home to heaven.

I have said before that the Cross has its meaning when we see the Crosses of the two thief’s on either side of the Cross of Jesus. Because it reminds us that we each have a decision to make. Which Thief ARE YOU?

The other image is the STAR of DAVID. When people see it they ask why there are two colors on mine and not just the Blue. The answer is that the Star is made up of two interlocking triangles that cannot be taken apart. Why, because the BLUE Triangle represents the Born Again Jewish Believers in their MESSIAH YESHUA / JESUS The CHRIST / The SON of GOD. The RED Triangle represents the Born Again Christian Believers in JESUS.

Both groups represent the CHILDREN of GOD ALMIGHTY, who called each of them forth out of HIS MIND before the WORLDS were Made in ETERNITY PAST. Together we are FAMILY prepared by THE FATHER as a LOVE GIFT to HIS SON.

When I walk on the treadmill and look forward at the Hat, I see the ONE WHO DIED FOR ME, to SET ME FREE. When I look to my Right Side I see ALL my Brothers and Sisters in Christ represented in that STAR.

Then when I put my headphones on and plug into my I Pod I listen to MESSIANIC PRAISE MUSIC that takes me to HIS THRONE. My OLD HEART continues to beat with HIS. When I cried out to Jesus in May of 1985 he gave me a new heart that pumps ROYAL BLOOD. Then in 2012 I knew on that operating table that I belonged to HIM. What I did not know was that HE was using the hands of two surgeons to give me more time to SERVE HIM.

I am Truly Blessed to be able to continue doing HIS WILL for my life. I will continue to plant GOOD SEED into all who the HOLY SPIRIT brings to me. And I look forward to the day HE takes me home. My prayer is… that day will be the day of the Coming RAPTURE and I and those I love who know JESUS as SAVIOR and LORD will TOGETHER Go Home to be with HIM.

Sometimes when I hear the wind, I catch the sound of TRUMPET notes. GABRIEL must be practicing already. Does your HEART have EARS TO HEAR?

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