holocaust 2

A drop of water hitting the surface of the ocean sends rings of energy out from its epicenter. So too humanity’s cry for peace, peace and safety moves out from ground zero, the earth…. and echo’s throughout the universe.

Does Anyone Hear?

Does Anyone Care?

The lives of my mother and father, along with many relatives, all Holocaust victims have now passed on. The narratives of their lives have been planted into my memory. All their life stories, their joys and sorrows are now mine. Their stories like plants in the soil have become rooted deep inside my mind and the only water I have to keep them alive are my tears.

Emotionally their burdens are now my burdens because their lives now form the foundation of my life.

In life they boldly referred to themselves as Survivors, because they came through the most horrifying experience that any human being could possibly live through. In the death camps they were nothing more than livestock penned behind barbed wire. Many carried the number of their brand on their flesh.

The brand shouted they were just a number, that their bodies belonged to Hitler. Hitler took their bodies and did as he pleased with 6 million of them. But their Souls and their Spirits belonged to someone else. Some one else who said,

“I knew you even before you were conceived.
I chose you when I planned creation.”

Upon gaining freedom, they all began a new life. On the outside they were brave, but in the shadows of their minds a vortex of Un-answered questions whirled round and round. Their cries and prayers seemed to rise up to deaf ears as they experienced the Silence of God. Answers never came.

Locked within their forever broken hearts were deep longings and unfulfilled love for fathers, mothers, children, relatives and friends. The lives of those they loved were now gone like a wisp of smoke in a gentle breeze.

Afterwards for the most part they put up brave fronts. Life after all was for the living not the dead. They were wrong… for the dead make up the living. They were not Survivors, but broken VICTIMS of the Holocaust. Their voices joined the voices from the ancient past of those who had gone before them. Looking back through the Veil of time we know the ancient ones also cried to the heavens but only heard back the empty echo’s of their own voices… and the Silence of God.

Mankind and sometimes believers like you and I have forgotten that disobeying God brings trials and testing accompanied by the consequences of sorrow and pain. For God will use hammer blows on an anvil and fire to purify us, in order to keep us on the narrow path home to HIM.

But most of all HE reminds us this life is not ours, nor about us, but about HIM!

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