Your Bag of Seeds

Good Seed

When you were born again two things happened to you. Jesus now carries your Cross-for you during this life because He has nailed your sins onto His Cross. The other thing that happened is that the Holy Spirit gave you a bag to carry.This bag is filled with seeds of Truth. This bag is huge and very heavy. The Holy Spirit carries this bag for you as well. It’s there with you always at the ready, filled with seeds that you can plant into the hearts of seekers as they are brought to you during your life.

This bag of seeds represents the greatest burden you will ever carry in this life and on into the next. Every seed in your bag was given to you to plant when the opportunities came while you were alive. Every seed had the name of someone you know on it. Someone you are personally responsible to witness too…people you love that you would die for and also those God HIMSELF has placed in your path.

When you stand before the Lord with your seed bag, will it still be huge and heavy? If it is you will be shown the myriad of times during your life when you should have sown the seed and you did not. You will see the parade of all the lives that you could have made a difference in and you did not.

You see every choice has its consequences. Every time you decided not to stand alone and speak will be a time before God that you will shed a tear with HIM. The difference will be that He knew you wouldn’t take His Great Commission to those you know and love, let alone those He placed into your life path that needed to hear.

But because of His great love for you, He will take you into His arms and the two of you will cry for the Lost that you could have made a difference in; both those precious to you and precious to HIM.

The best opportunities we have for making a difference in the life of someone for Christ comes in two ways.

The first is to walk your talk and let your life reflect HIM. The other is to catch the fire of the Holy Spirit when He moves between you and someone you know and you begin to talk your walk.

 Your life and mine is not about the many or even the few. It is all about your choice to speak to the ONE. Sharing your faith works best …when it’s done ONE to ONE.

Jesus came down from Heaven to Earth to save each of us ONE by ONE. Every day you live is CHRISTmas.

CHRISTmas is not about a bag full of toys, but about a bag full of SEEDS.

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