.nuclear blast 2

Don’t be misled. It will not be mankind that annihilates itself. GOD has reserved that privilege for Himself. We have become too full of ourselves. We refuse to believe that we are but Dust in the eyes of GOD who spoke the entire Universe and everything in it into existence including us.

We refuse to acknowledge that there is a non-physical plane of existence all around us that we cannot see. Going on in that Spiritual plane is the War of the Ages between Holy Angels and Fallen Angels. A war being fought over your eternal destiny to be spent in Heaven or Hell.

To be Biblically Illiterate is to be devoid of Reality and Truth. Mankind, was given dominion over this planet. But our Egos have gotten in our way. SIN the disease we all were born with in our DNA continues to destroy us and our world. We are driven by Pride & Greed.

GOD has pre-written history and its outcome. You are there on its pages. Stop reading the words of man that encircle you like a hurricane. Find a quiet place and begin reading what GOD has written to you in The Old and New Testaments of the Judeo / Christian Bible. There you will find the Greatest Story Ever Told. There you will find the past, the present and the future all pre-written for us to understand. And there you will find yourself written on its pages because you are part of Mankind.

JESUS ROARED from the CROSS “IT IS FINISHED”. The War is already Won, the question is whether you will be Free for Eternity or a Slave forever because you never became a member of the family of The One and Only TRUE GOD through Faith in the BIRTH, LIFE, DEATH, RESURECTION, ASCENTION AND SOON 2ND COMING OF THE SON OF GOD, JESUS THE MESSIAH, THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH!

GOD and GOD Alone is the Weapon of Mass Destruction. HE already set the date for the end and the coming NEW BEGINNING. Time was created for Mortal Human Beings. Eternal Life is for Born Again Children of GOD. Eternal Death is for ALL who have not ACCEPTED JESUS as their SAVIOR.

You have no time left, because Today is the Day of Salvation…not tomorrow

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