Which God Do You Serve ?

What religion are you and which God do you serve? The questions are really one and the same. Both questions, if we are honest with ourselves, are rarely considered or given any thought. Yet I have found in witnessing to people, that these are the two questions that need to be addressed before going any further.

The entire Middle East conflict that has flared up again has its basis and resolution in these two questions. The questions have been answered by God. He will resolve this ancient conflict in His timing and in exactly the way He decreed in His prophecies, thousands of years ago.

It is not possible to consider the questions of what religion are you and what God do you serve and come to any conclusion unless you are willing to admit that Absolute Truth exists. Absolute Truth is proven by historical facts anchored in the foundation of a moral code given by The Creator God who exists outside of time and space.

In our world today it seems no one believes anymore that absolute truth exists. Our culture is stained with the disease of political correctness that is restructuring our society to protect the rights of those who are wrong; and has now given rise to a culture of relativism.

Simply put, there is no absolute truth. God and the 10 commandments representing our society’s moral anchor, Gods Highest Standards, has been effectively compromised and evicted from our society. A comedian once said of this that “God has left the building”…before that it has been said in the media that “God is Dead”.

God is not dead, nor has He left the building. God has left us to reap the whirlwinds we have now sown; winds of change that will bring consequences of Sin gone wild and out of control.

Our society is like a ship without a tiller or anchor. We are driven about by the continuous winds of change, without an anchor set deep into a foundation of standards by which to judge right from wrong.

The symbol of American Justice, the lady with the balance scales, has truly become blind. Relativistic societies have no moral standards, all opinions are valued, and justice is not served.

Truth no longer exists in our land and its people cry out for lack of wisdom and discernment.

From 1982 through 1985 I too was crying out because of a lack of wisdom and discernment. I could not control the circumstances I found myself in, the emotional pain was unbearable.

My emotional and spiritual pain had driven me to the end of self. So I called out to a God I did not know, but who answered me and began molding me anew with hammer blows on his anvil of love.

God waits for our nation to come to its end of self and to cry out to Him, but our voice is silent. So be prepared as the winds of war continue to grow and our nation begins to reap what it has sown.

If you have placed your faith in the Lord God of Israel, rest in HIM. You know this life is but a vapor, the material things you have will all go away. The only things that will continue to be with you in heaven are people (Father, Mother, Children, Grand Children…everyone you care about), who have been born again.

What religion are you and which God do you serve are both answered by God Himself when He answers the ONLY question that matters….Will I Go to Heaven? That question deserves an answer, but not by me. 

What is unique is that the answers come from Gods written word. They are not the words of religions formed by men like Priests, Popes, Rabbi’s, Reverends, Ministers, and Pastors.

The definition of religion is replacing the truth of God with the false truth’s of men.

Gods personal answer to your question…Will I go to Heaven; only comes from the Old and New Testament, His Inspired Written Word to Mankind.


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