Soul Whisperer

Jesus has whispered your name from eternity past. He is your Soul Whisperer. He spoke to you throughout your entire life through the words of others, through life’s challenging situations, through the majesty of His Creation and His Word.

You have heard His laughter on the wind. You have seen the clapping of the leaves of the trees as they lift up holy hands to praise and give worship to their GOD and Creator.

Mankind in his attempt to speak to himself both nationally and globally erected telephone poles to carry man’s voice throughout the nations of the earth. And so the globe was populated by Crosses supporting the lines of communication. What a paradox that the image of communication had imbedded into it the message of the Cross.

Today and every day, I live in the expectation that someday I will go home to be with HIM. So I live one day at time in the Shadow of His Cross; the Cross of Emmanuel, GOD with us, the uncommon man, the GOD / Man who came to seek and save the lost.

I look forward to a different time, a different place, a place before time; to be with family forever. Because JESUS the one who calls forth the living from the dead; whispered my name and awakened my soul and gave me Eternal Life.


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