Father’s Day Prayer


From the Heart of A Born Again Father

I Want My Family to Know: The day will come when like my father before me I will no longer be here. I have left a legacy of words and memories that speak to who I am and what I believe. To know me is to read my words that come from my heart on crosseseverywhere.com

I WANT THEM TO KNOW: That I love them, pray for them and will wait for them in a better place. I want them to know that I placed my eternal life in the nail scarred hands of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, the Son of the Living God.

I WANT THEM TO KNOW: That I have not found a religion of men, but a personal relationship with The Son of God. I want them to know that as long as they have life they have the ability to Seek the Living God who waits at the top of the stairs for them with a welcome matt before the door of His Heaven.

All they need to do is open the door of their hearts and He will open the door to them so they can go into the ARK of refuge found ONLY in HIS Auto-Biography called the Old & New Testaments. There they will find the Living Words of God, written personally to each of them.

I WANT THEM TO KNOW: Only by reading His Words will they come to the knowledge of the Truth about God. Then they will Fear HIM. That fear will become knowledge of HIM, and that will lead to the understanding of what this life truly is about and why they were born…then they will Love The Lord with all their hearts.

I WANT THEIR HEARTS TO BREAK: So they will Repent before a Loving God who waits to heal them of their sins if they accept the Death of Jesus on the Cross for their sins.

THEN THEY WILL: Know the TRUTH about GOD and Themselves and then Love God and live for God and grow in wisdom and discernment of God….and SERVE GOD.

THEN GOD WILL: Make Good on HIS PROMISE to me and Give those I Love, that Love HIM 1st, ETERNAL LIFE in HEAVEN.


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