The Final Season

ABBA Father 2

Romans 8:15 “you have received a spirit of adoption as sons (& daughters),
by which we cry out, “Abba! Father!” , “Abba = Daddy”.

The Final Season. No longer do I have the excitement and wonder of youth. The seasons of life have all but gone by so quickly. All my life I have had a front row seat before my television watching the horror story of man’s inhumanity to man unfold on the world’s stage.

I have heard too much and have seen too much of the world around me. Ancient prophecies written by the Creator God, who stands outside of time, continue to come to life. You can read them in a book that is the only True communication to mankind from outside this world.

Almost everyone around me is focused on themselves. They have grown calloused to the pain all around us? They see, yet are blind. They hear, yet are deaf…their hearts have grown cold towards everyone, except themselves.

Gods revealed Truth remains The Truth whether we believe it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not. He is your God and He said every knee shall bow and every mouth will confess Him as Lord. He is the Lord of the living and the dead. The Lord of the Lost and the Lord of the Found.

The smoke and mirrors of this world’s value system no longer comforts me. The mask that I viewed the world through for years has been ripped off my face when I became a Believer in Jesus in 1985. No longer can I hide my emotions. The reality of the pain and despair that surrounds me has wrapped my heart in grief for all those I see and meet who do not know HIM.

So like the prophets of old I cry out into the darkness with tears. I preach HIS LOVE shown at HIS CROSS, and I preach HIS COMING JUDGEMENT with Tears and Compassion for the Lost. Because My Grief for the LOST is my Daily PASSION and my Prayer is that THEY Would BE FOUND.

When you humble yourself and allow people to see you…the real you, they tend to open their heart of hearts to you. They begin to open the pages of the book of their lives to share with you. Everyone has a story and a deep longing within their heart to share with someone who will listen and care. It becomes a bond I cherish between myself and another person who admits deep down they too feel so very alone.

As with me, the world has worn out their hearts, their minds and their bodies. Slowly they have come to the knowledge that the possessions of this existence have no meaning. We have anxiety about accumulating the treasures of this world and then once gaining them we have anxiety about keeping them. In a very real sense we continue to act like children focused only on ourselves.

I share with others about my realization that the child I was is still very much alive within me. This child still cries within my heart for my daddy to come and get me and take me home. I remember the time as a child being dropped off at the Royal Theater on a Saturday afternoon to meet my cousin to see a movie. My Dad said to wait outside the theater and he would pick me up at 3 PM and take me home. It was always a wonderful time. We enjoyed a double feature for the price of one and all the popcorn you could eat.

At the end of the movie I followed the crowd out. The crowd moved out like a thunderous wave spilling out in front of the theater. My Aunt was waiting outside in her car to pick up my cousin. He got in the car and I waved goodbye. I waited for my Dad, but he was nowhere to be seen.

At first I was part of the crowd and drew comfort from them; but then I stood there alone. I waited from 3 pm to 5 pm for my Daddy. He said he would come get me. He always did what he said he would do. He never lied to me and if he made a promise he always kept it.

As the time went by I drew comfort not only from the words he had spoken to me; but also because his past actions always consistently backed up his words. He had car trouble that delayed him for 2 hours. I was 12 years old. When He finally came he apologized, hugged and kissed me and congratulated me for being so very brave. He praised me for obeying his instructions to stay in one place and wait for him to come back and get me.

I told him I knew he would be back to get me to take me home and that I would always listen to him and remember his words of instructions. You see I wanted to grow up and be just like him. When it seemed like God, His FATHER, would never come for HIM, Jesus cried out from the Cross “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?”
Had Jesus forgotten the promises of His Father? No. Had His Father forgotten Jesus? No. God His Father had a plan for Jesus to finish before He came back to take Jesus home again. If you have a personal relationship with Jesus that allows you to look at His Cross and see yourself enfolded in His arms, hanging there with HIM, then you have become one of Gods Children.
Now you have the right to call God ABBA…daddy. Just as God had a plan for His Son Jesus, He also has a plan for each of His children who call HIM daddy. He wants you to listen to Him, remember His words of instruction and to stay in the place He has put you so you can make a difference there for Him among all those you know who so desperately need Him.
He asks you to wait patiently, knowing you are never alone.

• He left you with HOPE for the end of days
• With STRENGTH for when you are weak with fear
• With JOY when you are surrounded by dread
• With PURPOSE in the midst of an aimless culture
• With PEACE when storms of anxiety roll across
Your horizons (From Discover the Bible, Pastor John Barnett)

You see MY God said He would come get me. MY God always does what He said He would do. MY God never lies to me and if MY God makes a promise He always keeps it. He is My Abba…MY Daddy. MY Abba said that His Son Jesus will be back soon to take me home to Heaven. If you know Jesus as Savior and LORD then Jesus will take you home to be with HIM too. Real wealth is what remains after losing our health, wealth, prosperity, possessions and power. “What good does it do to gain the worlds possessions …but lose your eternal soul?”

Jesus IS the LIVING HOPE for the End of Days

Remember Jesus …Call on The Name ABOVE ALL Names.

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