2 Triangles Star of David

I was giving a message at a prophecy conference called “The Forgotten King of the Jews.”

After the message Ed Martin came up to me personally with a special gift that he made. Ed for years has been making and giving away a special representation of one of the oldest signs of the Nation of Israel, the Star of David.

When Ed presented it to me he looked deep into my eyes and asked “What does the Star of David mean to me as a Jewish believer?” I explained that it was the Star of King David and represented the Nation of Israel. Ed said he appreciated that but it meant much more to him as a believer in Christ. He said the star is made up of two interlocking triangles that cannot come apart when joined together.

I was humbled by what Ed said to me as I now was seeing the Star of David from a different perspective as the Holy Spirit gave me a new way to look at the Star. God is Omniscient and He knew before the foundations of the world were made that the two groups of children that would come together through the Cross of His Son were Born Again Jews and Born Again Christians. They would be grafted together in the Cross of Christ to form the Eternal family of the Messiah.

Our God is in the details of everything contained in the History that He has written. His pre-written history continues to unfold daily before our eyes. If you Love JESUS then you know in your heart that HE IS COMING BACK VERY SOON !

The Star of David has for centuries adorned the flag of the Nation of Israel while containing a hidden message of the future identity of the specific combination of two kinds of people that would become the True Children of GOD living for Eternity within the Realm of King Jesus; as HE Re-Creates HIS UNIVERSE and Says Again—


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