Fallen GODS

fallen gods

They existed before time began and will exist when time is no more. They freely walked the streets of Heaven in fellowship with others of their kind. They communed with their Creator who made each of them unique and knew each of them individually by name.

The moment came when the traitor among them drew them away from the God who made them with lying words that seemed true. They like us who came after them; were given the freedom by their Creator to choose eternal Life with HIM or eternal Death without HIM.

This angelic minion of evil, small band of Archangels decided to follow their leader Lucifer (Son of the Morning)…the Highest creation by God up to that point; in a revolt against the “Most High God”. They breached the commands of God and went down to Earth to begin the war of ages against God and those made in HIS Image…US. Over one third of the angels created by God revolted. But in the very beginning they started with a small host of elite dark angels who followed Satan down into the garden to tempt mankind.

And souls filled with light would now become souls filled with shadows. A disease would be born genetically through one man that would taint the entire race of humanity throughout time. A disease that caused every human being to be born spiritually dead, in need of a new spiritual birth. So began the true dark ages of mankind until the “Seed of the woman” would be born several thousand years later as prophesied in Genesis 3:15.

Then Jesus, the one born to be “THE Crucified” would choose the Nails and the TREE and DEATH. Just as thru one man Adam, physical and spiritual death came to mankind, so now thru the God / Man JESUS, came spiritual life and a new body fitted for heaven and eternity.

But for now the man and the woman were evicted out of the garden prepared for them by their Creator. The small group of archangels, this elite minion of evil would now follow mankind like a pack of wolves feeding off the growth of their family throughout the generations of man throughout time.

They would become the gods of the nations, the small gods that were nothing but fallen demon angels that reported to the god of this world, their leader the fallen angel known as Lucifer. They would be described in Genesis 6 as “the sons of god…Nephilim”. They broke the command of GOD yet again by taking wives for themselves from the daughters of men. Their objective was, to pollute the bloodline of mankind to ultimately stop the plan of God for the redemption of the race of Adam and to stop the coming birth of Jesus the Messiah.

The Bible speaks of certain angels that have been bound in chains in darkness since the beginning waiting for their judgment. I believe they are the ones known as the Nephilim…the ones that created a polluted race of giants like Goliath. They have been taken off the world stage of history, but the rest of their evil kind still roam the earth. Some of the Old Testament fallen gods were known by many names Adrammelech, Baal, Molech, Dagon, Milcom, Tammuz, Diana of the Ephesians, Rimmon, and many more.

All through the Old Testament these dark angels performed signs and miracles so that people believed they were gods. Then through the Jews and Moses; God reminded the world that there was but ONE TRUE GOD as written down by the finger of God Himself on the stone tablets of the 10 Commandments. The First of the 10 Commandments stated it plainly so everyone would understand. …” YOU shall have NO other gods before ME!” Exodus 20 verse 3.

But the disease of mankind had deep roots and on thru ancient history the gods of cultures continued to rise up from the pit… Ares, Hades, Atlas, Zeus, Cronus, Apollo, Uranus, Nike, Aphrodite and again many more from cultures all around the globe too numerous to name. Man needs God but looks for HIM in all the wrong places.

And with the demise of superstition and the rising up of technology and science man can no longer believe in the gods as they existed in ancient days. No one calls on the gods of the past anymore. But their echo can now be heard again from the sands of time-gone bye. The wind is beginning to move and uncover them again.

There is an old familiar stench carried by the 4 winds that flow over the course of this earth. The stench of greed, immorality, perversion and pride permeate the winds. These minions of evil rise up on their haunches like the wolves that they are and pick up the scent of man once again. They come now among us to feed again. They too know the words of the Bible, they too tremble at their fate, and they also fear the God that made them. They too know that God said that He would come back again when the world became continually evil as in the days of Noah.

Jesus the Creator of everything (John 1: 1-5) is coming back to Judge His entire creation of both man and angels.

Back in the beginning the demons lead the revolt, the rebellion of mankind against God. But today that isn’t necessary because mankind is evil enough on his own without their leadership. Instead they have become secondary support for the evil of man. So they come to feed on the wrecked lives, the chaos and the sewage that now permeates our culture. From the shadows they coach us in our evil ways.

Man has taken the place of the ancient small gods. Man now believes he can be god. He believes he can now create life through science. The fact is that Science and Technology have become god. But, the ancient gods are smarter than man and they will come again on this world stage and draw mankind into the final lie that mankind will believe. The stage has been set because Gods word has been fulfilled about the truth becoming the lie and the lie now becoming the truth.

Man demands answers about who he is, what he is, where he came from, why he is here…. those answers are on the way…they will arrive very soon…. they will come from the heavens…. you must watch the sky…they will be answers you want to hear… but they will be the wrong answers…lies from the pit that most will believe. The angels are creatures that were made by the CREATOR. They are not gods. They experienced and lived life before the HOLY GOD of CREATION, so their choice to rebel leaves them without any chance of redemption.

But because you and I were born with a dead spirit within us and have never had the opportunity to know what true HOLINESS is …you and I have a choice to make that will redeem us, that will make us clean, that will replace our dead heart with a new one, that will eliminate the shadows in our soul and fill it with light…and will give us entrance into heaven to live eternally with the God who created us in LOVE and for Fellowship with HIM.

Or your choice will bring you a forever death in eternity…in the place that God designed for the devil and his angels. This place was not designed for humankind…but you can end up their depending on the choice you make.

I was driving down a road. There was a sign at its end coming towards me. The road I was driving on ended at a Dead End. It reminded me of these demonic angels I have been writing about and the fact that for them the sign “DEAD END” is just that. It is the end that they chose for God allowed them the freedom to choose…even if that choice means an eternity of damnation without HIM. There is no redemption for fallen angels; they are twice dead.

Please know and understand that it is not God who damns anyone. That privilege is given to you; it is part of your free will. As I said, I could no longer travel the road ahead for it was a DEAD END. But I could either go to the right or the left….I had a choice to make.

I made mine already……………………. have you made yours?

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