Too Much Baggage

turnstile 1

3 words, Holy, Faith, Truth are interwoven and CROSS Stitched together making up the Fabric of the Old and New Testaments. If you study them they will reveal to you how the Mystery contained in the Old Testament became Flesh (The God / Man) in the New Testament. Your understanding that Mystery will enable the Holy Spirit of God through HIS Grace and Mercy to give You the Gift of Salvation. Then you will become a New Person in Christ.

Like me, some of you brought a lot of baggage with you as you walked the road ahead as part of the herd. The road was wide and we could take suitcases filled with our special belongings of Traditions, Superstitions, Rules and Regulations, Pride, Arrogance, Materialism and much more.

Not sure about you but my suitcases meant everything to me in the beginning. But as I began to study the Word of God my views became narrower. Slowly as my focus became sharper, the bags that weighed me down fell away. No longer was I on a wide road with friends and relatives carrying everything with me. In fact my road ended between two cliffs with barely enough place for one person to pass through at a time.

I had one bag left of Jewish Traditions I wanted to take with me. It looked like I could if I just held the bag behind me and walked further. But there before me was a turnstile. I could no longer move forward with the last bag. I had to make a choice, to count the cost. There was only room for me to go through alone, without the bag.

I stood before the turnstile, undecided, frozen in time, but understanding that this decision was going to influence my eternity. So I reviewed in my heart and mind what I had learned during my three year journey about the words HOPE…FAITH…and TRUTH. I counted the cost, knowing I could lose my family; then dropped the bag behind me and passed through the turnstile for one.

That narrow road I had walked for 3 years opened up into a view of the vista of the universe. There before me was the Throne Room of God. The Celebration and Joy I witnessed through the eyes of my heart was overwhelming as I heard JESUS say to me…will you go on our behalf and share with them?

Gladly I said. He gave me my purpose for the time I have remaining. That purpose is to share HIM with YOU. Easter is Coming and so too is JESUS.

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