From My Mind to Yours

walking in the light

Are You a Servant of the Lord?
Are You Walking in HIS LIGHT?

Each Believer is a clay pot filled with Holy Spirit Fire. May your clay pot have many cracks so that your light will shine like the Pillar of Fire described in the Book of Exodus; the Pillar that lead the Children of Israel in the desert throughout their generation.

Share your God Story with someone you know and then tell The Greatest Story Ever Told…HIS Story…the Story of Jesus the Christ… and then take them to HIS CROSS.

Tell them Jesus is waiting there …waiting to be wanted by them…

Waiting patiently with His arms open wide.

The Dawn of Eternity has already begun. Your journey in time is almost over. You stand on the edge of FOREVER.
Your walk of Faith has brought you Back to Your Future.

You can see HIS light, as it grows brighter. You can feel the wind of the Holy Spirit all around you, the very breath of God.

But most of all you can hear clearly now the Whisper of HIS Voice as HE Calls to your Heart.

Well Done MY GOOD and FAITHFULL SERVANT come and walk with ME to your new home…

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