Is YOUR GLASS Half Empty or Half Full ?

half full

For a number of years after Jesus Ascended to heaven, the Church thought HIS return was eminent. They lived lives expecting His return during their life time. This kept the Church pure in the beginning.

Now two thousand years later, believers are horrified that JESUS would come during their lifetime. God forbid that should happen. What about everything I own, my job, my family, my coming cruise, my plans for the coming year …my….my………my. When did we get the idea that this life is worth anything?

When did we lose sight of the FACT that we are Aliens here, that this is not reality, that our citizenship is elsewhere, that we are residents of the New Jerusalem, that we are part of an entire New Universe that Jesus will make all new after He rolls the old one up like a scroll, never to be unwound again.
That Jesus HIMSELF is personally building a home for each of us to enter into.

We grasp the things of this life in a death grip so that even death itself has difficulty opening the closed fist of our hands that fiercely hold onto to the things of this life as we pass from it.

Why as believers is there so much HELL left in us that controls our thoughts, emotions and turns our focus and might I add our love away from the coming KING…Our Sovereign LORD.

I meet believers all the time for whom life here is not half empty, but half full. They are happy and content with the reflective light of the moon that illuminates shadows within shadows. They are content to drive the highway roads in darkness with the headlights of 3 to 5 others whose opinions give credibility to their own. Opinions that make them feel better, but cannot be defended in Scripture.

For me life is half empty because I know what I have to look forward too.
I am not interested in the accumulated light of opinions that surround me. I only know that Jesus promised to light up the path before me so I can take one step at a time and focus on HIM.

The Word of God says that Jesus is the light of the world and the truth. His eyes when He comes back will be like flames of fire that will penetrate the souls of those who will stand before HIM. The only thing that will soften those eyes of fire and light as HE looks upon us will be hearts of flesh that pump Royal Blood, full of love for HIM and souls without shadows in them.

Why would you want the reflected light of the moon to lead you on the path of life down here?

Why would you want to delay His coming by even one second for anything you might gain here in this life?

Why would you want to live in the shadow lands, when you can have the SON’s Light to lead you home to an eternal life worth living in HEAVEN ?

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