why wont you listen?


Do you love trips, especially those that go to exotic places? The world is huge with so many destinations and cultures. We could go to Africa, it’s really a big zoo filled with animals to see.

Or, to Europe, where you can see architecture hundreds of years old and practice multiple languages and study history as depicted through the art of the masters.

Or, to Brazil where you can visit the Rainforest. It is a special place containing every color and combination of colors ever created by God on the feet and beaks and wings of exotic birds and creatures. The Rainforest contains Gods color palette that He used to color our world.

Or to Asia with its mountains and valleys and its people steeped in the supposed oldest place of human wisdom and traditions in the world.

Or to the Middle East, where you will find the cradle of civilization, the hotbed of man’s religion and the Birthplace of God. The Middle East is a sandbox where men for ages have played like children digging into the sand at nighttime. In the moonlight they look for clues to the meaning of life. As they dig they find skeletons of people like themselves with shovels in their hands.

People frozen in time holding shovels with bony fingers. They are former seekers covered by the sands of time, seeking but never finding their answers to the questions that haunted them while alive. These people continued to dig intensely, never noticing the howling winds that built up the sand around them until they too were buried in the sand and became part of the mystery of time.

Taking a trip to any of the latter places will take planning, study, investigation, and research. You will want to know the culture, review the places of interest, and even learn the language if possible. You have to admit taking a trip to those places would be an adventure of a lifetime.

But there is another trip you will be taking. It is much greater than any of those. In a very real sense this trip will take you back to your future. You will be going back in time to when time didn’t even exist. Back further into the very mind of God.

Were you aware that you’ve been on Gods mind for a very long time? You could say He has been waiting forever to introduce Himself too you. He Said that He knew you before He created the foundations of the earth.

There are three words of extreme importance that God wants you to understand and come to grips with while you live here on Earth. For when you understand these three words and how they fit together you will gain a ticket to ride to the destination HE wants you to travel too.

The problem is that the majority of people who have died before you and the majority of people alive today have not taken the time to investigate how these three words fit together. As a result they have not gained a ticket to the destination that God has chosen for them. Instead they have gained a ticket that they have chosen for themselves to a different location.

I realized that the biggest trip I would ever take in my life is when my life was over. Yet I had never planned or studied or investigated or researched the destination I would spend eternity in.

I have learned to study the Word of God in the light of the following 3 words. Truth, Faith and HOPE. Those 3 words are building blocks that are interwoven. If you study them they will reveal to you how the Mystery contained in the Old Testament became Flesh (The God / Man) in the New Testament. Your understanding that Mystery will enable the Holy Spirit of God through Grace and Mercy to give you the Gift of Salvation. Then you will become a New Person in Christ.

SEEK the seeds of TRUTH, and God will plant them in your heart. Read the Word of God and let the words water the seeds until they grow and FAITH is born anew in your heart of hearts. Then as you walk before the ONE TRUE GOD in faith, His promises will fill your days here with JOY and give you everlasting HOPE for your future.

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