There are three records of History

Let’s first look at the one that would be most familiar to everyone; the history of civilization according to mankind’s records. Its pages go back only a few thousand years since man began writing and recording names, places and events in the past. The balance of any information older than that comes from Archeological finds buried in the earth.

Archeology also confirms to an extent the names; places and events recorded in mankind’s history books. The further back we go into time the less we can glean from its pages. It is like looking back into a tunnel. Instead of light illuminating its beginnings all we see is darkness.

Mankind’s recorded history speaks volumes, not of God, but of who we are. Its records of events, actions of people and nations uphold the truth stated in the Word of God…”that man’s heart is continually evil.” These sad events in history are continually repeated throughout the centuries proving we never learn from our own mistakes.

Man has succeeded in making god in his own image. In so doing we worship our own knowledge. Knowledge tainted by the shadows that cling to us as we walk in the sunshine. Our past, present and future is covered by shadows.

There is a second record of history. It is the one given to us by God Himself. Its pages go back to the beginning not only of mankind, but also back to the beginning of our universe.

The opening words of this record states “In the Beginning…God.” That means two things to all of us who can think. The first is that God existed before the beginning outside of time and space. Secondly it speaks of His being the Creator and us the creature that HE made as part of His Creation.

This historical record is the Bible. It is supported by History (names, events, people and places). Science (speaks of current scientific discoveries thousands of years earlier), Archeology (reveals history with every spade of sand from the desert). But the greatest substantiation of the Bible being the Word of God is through prophecies (prewritten history whose accuracy is verified with each new day).

The Bible is a time tunnel. But in this tunnel there is no darkness only light, for it began with the words from God…”Let there be LIGHT”. This book reveals the past, present and future of Mankind without error. God Himself wrote every word of this book and HE is Creator of ALL and Knows ALL…for HE IS GOD.

The third recorded history is that of your personal life. It not only records everything you as an individual have done, but literally like an EKG test – it records every heartbeat of time you have been given by God to live.

This record of your life will not be found in any earthly book, or on the Internet. We are told it exists in one place only…in heaven. This book shows the road you have chosen to travel through your life. There are two roads in life with two ultimate destinations that represent your eternal forever home. Your destination is determined as you travel by the choices you made. Each CROSS road is clearly marked by signs but the choices are yours to make alone.

This personal record began in the womb of your mother at your inception. It continues to record every action, every motive, every word you have ever spoken, and every inner thought you have ever had.

This record continues for as long as your heart beats. When your heart stops beating the record ends. This is a very important book for it is a record of your entire earthly life that you have lived out before the face of the God who created you. The God you will be accountable to for the time HE has given to you to live.

Only two of the three books I have mentioned will be opened before you as you stand before a Holy God to be judged. The book of the history of mankind will not be opened, for it has absolutely no value at all. It is only a record of darkness.

The Word of God says that the book of the personal record of your life will be reviewed by the penetrating eyes of God through the chronicle of the life HE gave you to live and what you did with it. None of your recorded good works will have any bearing on your judgment. For nothing you can do is good enough to meet the standards of a HOLY GOD.

The other book that will be opened before you is the Bible. The Bible makes it clear that you need a Savior. It will condemn you to an eternity apart from God if you have chosen to ignore its warnings by choosing to live your life walking the wrong path, following the wrong signs…doing your will and not HIS.

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